ACH Form

Dear Alderbrook Golf &Yacht Member:

Thank you for considering the Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club ACH program. We are pleased to offer this optional, no charge service that will allow you to have your member dues and expenses withdrawn directly from your bank account. Payments will follow the agreed upon guideline and schedule.

Please do the following to begin the program:

  1. Complete the form below. Be sure to print clearly. Member name, phone number, signature and date must be completed in order to process your request.
  2. Attach a voided checking/savings withdrawal slip of the account you’d like to have the funds withdrawn from. (We cannot process the form without this attachment)
  3. If the selected account is in a name in addition to yours, or other than yours, you must include the name and signature of the other party,
  4. Verify the account and ABA/Routing Number with your bank.
  5. Return the completed form to the Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club Business Office at 330 .E Country Club D.r E,. Union, WA 98592. Please allow up to 5 working days to set up your

Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments/Credits

All debit authorization must provide that the receiver may revoke the authorization only by notifying the originator in the manner specified in the authorization.

Members will be assessed the current service fee if funds are not available at the time of withdrawal. This authorization form to remain on file for four years from the authorized date.