Adjudication Committee

Chair: Art Weatherly

The Adjudication Committee is a dispute resolution entity chartered under Article VII Section 3 of the Bylaws. The Committee is responsible for adjudicating claims that a member violated AGYC’s governing documents. The function of the Committee is to provide an unbiased, independent review and evaluation of claims or disputes between a member and AGYC. The Board President appoints five members, with the advice and consent of the other Board members. The Committee selects its Chair from the appointed members. Board members are prohibited from sitting on this Committee. Any matter referred to this Committee shall be considered by a minimum of three members. If three members are not available to accomplish a timely or impartial decision, additional members may be appointed by the Board as needed. The Committee operates in response to a request from the GM if a member disputes a GM-proposed resolution. Policy 9.2 on Rules Enforcement applies to resolution of the issue. If a Board member is a party to a dispute or complaint, refer to Policy 1.4 AGYC Management, Item 8 ‘Code of Conduct for Board Members’. The timelines recommended for completing this process may be extended if agreed to in writing by all parties. For issues requiring Committee action, the following procedure is followed:

  • The GM shall notify the Board when a dispute is referred to the Adjudication Committee for resolution. The Board shall refrain from discussing the issue with the parties, Association members and other Board members.
  • The GM provides all relevant documentation to the Committee, and may be asked to provide additional background information.
  • At least 3 members of the Committee meet as a group, in person, to review all information related to a particular issue. Electronic participation is prohibited. The Committee interviews the alleged violator(s) and other members or persons with relevant knowledge. Committee members and all interviewees shall sign the meeting notes.
  • The Committee shall document in detail its decision and the basis for it.
  • The Committee Chair sends the detailed decision to the GM, who forwards it to the involved parties within one week.
  • If an involved member disagrees with the decision of the Committee, they may, within two weeks of the date of the letter conveying the Committee decision, file an appeal to the Board and request a hearing. The Committee Chair shall attend the hearing to present the basis for the Committee decision. Members who are party to the dispute shall be invited to attend the hearing and to address the Board.
  • If an appeal is not filed within two weeks from the date of the Committee decision letter, the determination is subject to ratification by the Board.