Membership Options

  • Owner Membership
  • Annual Associate Membership

Owner Membership

Owners of property in Alderbrook who are members in good standing have all the rights, benefits and responsibilities currently designated by Alderbrook Golf Club Inc., a Washington Homeowners association. Membership privileges are given to two adult property owners and their dependent children under the age of 21 living at home or full time students.

Benefits include:

  • One vote per property
  • Unlimited Golf
  • Advance Tee Time reservations
  • May own a private cart (Annual Trail Fee $225 required)
  • Eligible to join the Men’s or Ladies Clubs (Annual dues required)
  • Eligible to join the Yacht Club, a social group, no boats involved! (Annual dues required)
  • Enjoy our private park, the Wickiup, which has amenities including a community garden, tennis courts, children’s play area, off-leash dog area, and picnic area.
  • Access to the Annex – A community social facility that has a lending library, meeting space and game room.
  • Picnic areas on the Pointe
  • Owner Members are subject to special assessments
  • Discounts in the restaurant and golf shop.

Annual Associate Membership

Becoming an annual member is an affordable option for those who do not own property but wish to participate in our activities.
A single member pays $2500.00 per year and a couple is $4000.00 per year with no joining fees.

Our Annual Associate Members enjoy all of the rights, benefits, and responsibilities of Owner Members (see owner benefits) except:


  • 12 month privileges (paid in full up front)
  • May not be sold or transferred
  • May not own a private cart Annual Associate Member are not subject to special assessments. AGYC reserves the right to not renew this membership

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