Building & Architectural

(B&A) Committee

Chair: Rhonda Westover

Board Liaison –  Jim Winchell

Alderbrook requires certain types of home remodels, new homes or major landscaping to be approved by the B&A Committee. Please select the appropriate choice below to apply for approval of your project. The project must be approved by the committee prior to the start of work. Please carefully read all of the Construction guidelines found in appendix D of the Policies and Procedures for requirements prior to submitting the application.

About the Committee

Building and Architectural Committee (B&A) The B&A Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all construction and modifications prior to implementation on property within AGYC and ensuring consistency with the intent of the Covenants and other AGYC governing documents.

The Committee meets at least once per month, on the second Monday of the month, and otherwise as scheduled.

Responsibilities. In accordance with the Construction Guidelines (Appendix D), the Committee will:

a. Review construction plans for all new homes, external structures, driveways and landscaping plans prior to project onset.

b. Review plans for any home improvement projects that alter the footprint or exterior shape of the structure.

c. Review any major changes to existing landscaping.

d. Monitor all projects to ensure compliance.

e. Monitor all properties for rules violations, and report to the GM for follow-up action.

f. For all new construction, works with Roads & Drainage Committee to confirm drainage plans, including 12” required culverts and prohibiting concrete in the rights-of-way & utility easements, are consistent with the Construction Guidelines. Any drainage to the golf course or other AGYC common property, except road rights-of-way, require a signed Drainage Easement (see, Appendix E);

g. Monitor construction or remodeling project to ensure that Construction Guidelines are being met.

h. Review and provide recommendations on changes to the Construction Guidelines.

i. Provides a summary of new & pending projects to the Board, and approved meeting minutes for the AGYC website, including a record of all plans submitted and Committee decisions.

2. Agenda. The Committee shall provide an agenda of its meetings to the general membership and Alderbrook Properties at least five days in advance of its meetings, including address specific action items and a general description of the project(s). NOTE: Applications received by the first of each month shall be scheduled for the next meeting. This timeline provides the Committee members with time to review the application and request additional information, if necessary. Applications received after the first of the month will be scheduled for the following month’s meeting.

3.Notice to neighbors.  Applicants are required to notify “immediate neighbors” of a pending project, before construction commences. Delivery may be by hand or electronically. “Immediate neighbors” may provide written comment on a pending application to the Committee any time prior to construction commencement.

4. Record of Action. New applications and the status of approved projects shall be posted in the Foremast each month.

5. Summary to the Board. A summary of address-specific applications, committee action, and status of pending projects, shall be submitted each month to the Board. These monthly summaries shall be maintained in a B&A file in the Business Office, and a copy placed in each parcel file.

This Committee will consist of at least five members, a representative of Alderbrook Properties and member from Roads & Drainage Committee and a non voting board liaison. Any change to the Construction Guidelines must be approved in writing by Alderbrook Properties.