Election Committee

Chair: Shaunna Webb

The Election Committee is composed of a Chair appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Board. The Chair will choose three or more members, ratified by the Board, to assist in the voting process.

The Committee will:

  1. Review the existing procedures and recommend any changes to the Board for consideration and approval.
  2. Determine the members eligible to vote as per AGYC governing documents, as of a date 10 days before the annual meeting, in conjunction with the GM and the Business Office.
  3. Receive and control all ballots.
  4. Count the ballots and report the voting results to the President for announcement/publication. 5. Document the results for the permanent file and note any recommended changes for the future.

The Election Committee is active in the 60 day period just prior to any general membership meeting where voting is to take place or in other cases as requested by the Board. The Business Manager will be available just prior to the meeting to provide assistance to the Election Committee members in determining voting eligibility when people are checking in at the meeting.

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