Finance Committee

Chair: Mary Gin Kennedy

Board Liaison – Bill Holtz

The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing all financial aspects of AGYC. The Committee is not expected to assume an active role in the day-to-day operation or management of AGYC, nor does it have approval authority related to financial matters.

Membership will consist of at least four members plus the Treasurer of the Board. At least one member of the Committee should have a background in finance and should be familiar with audits and audit procedures. The responsibilities of the Committee will include:

  1. Review the proposed annual budget and make recommendations.
  2. Review all plans for capital improvement programs.
  3. Periodically review and make recommendations to the GM relative to financial procedures and accounting.
  4. Recommend internal review and audit plans.
  5. Review and make recommendations to investment policies for the savings, reserves and retirement plans.
  6. 6. Review and make recommendations on short-term and long-term capital financing plans.

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