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Welcome to the Ladies Club!

Joining the Alderbrook Ladies Club is a great way to enjoy our beautiful golf course, meet up with old friends and make new friends, and maybe even improve your golf game! The Club meets for regularly scheduled golf games on Tuesday and Thursday, mornings throughout the season, which runs from April through October. Additionally, special events and tournaments add to the fun.

The Club’s signature tournament, First Mates, is usually held in mid-July and is open to the public. It draws enthusiastic teams from throughout the region. Proceeds from the event help support local charities. The Ladies Club also supports Turning Point, which operates a domestic violence shelter in Shelton, through monetary contributions and donations of goods, as well as other local non-profits.

Other special events include member-only tournaments, which often include a Clubhouse luncheon or a potluck at a member’s home. It’s lots of fun and all the great ladies of Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club (AGYC) are invited to join.

For general information about Ladies Club click on the tabs below, or go to the Rules and Guidelines.






Choosing Divisions

Competition Fees

Score Cards




Rules & Ettiquette

Ladies Club Officers for 2024

Captain - Char Edwards

Assistant Captain - Rondi Horrobin

Secretary - Judy Hartford

Treasurers - Mona George & MaryAnn Johnson

Handicap Chair - Penny Shelton

Past Captain - Terri Stamper


Ladies Club meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of the month, with golf to follow. The Ladies Club encourages all members to attend. This is YOUR club, we want to get to know you, and we need YOUR ideas and opinions to make this a great Ladies Club! Attending meetings is a great way to learn about upcoming events, outside play opportunities, tips and important information from our head pro, the Club’s financial status and other vital Club business. Although the Ladies Club schedule and updates are posted online and on the Bulletin Board in the Clubhouse ladies lounge, you will learn about many of those happenings in greater detail at the monthly meetings.

Generally, once a month (on a non-meeting day), staff professionals put on a free clinic to help Ladies Club members improve their golf game. The informative, hands-on clinics are held before golf play begins for the day


Annual dues are $69 and include Ladies Club dues, Washington State Golf Association (GHIN) handicap, required for all Ladies Club golf tournaments, and ECCIE (described in tab below).

Dues may be paid in two ways:

(1) Mail your check to Alderbrook Ladies Club, 330 Country Club Drive East, Union, WA 98592.

(2) Drop your check off at the Golf Shop in an envelope marked “Ladies Club.”

Dues should be submitted by December 15 of each year in accordance with WSGA GHIN requirements. If you join after that date, please submit your dues at that time. For questions, contact the Ladies Club Secretary or any other Ladies Club officer; or use the Contact Us! form.

Members also may choose to participate in the optional Hole-in-One competition. This competition awards $150 to any participant who scores a hole in one during an Alderbrook Ladies Club Golf Event, 9 or 18 holes. The hole in one must be on a permanent (vs temporary) green and must be witnessed and attested to by at least one adult. The fee to participate is $5. Ladies Club members can choose to join the competition at any time prior to making a hole in one. When the $150 award is won by a member, the competition starts over and all members who choose to continue to participate must pay another $5 fee.


TUESDAY: Each Tuesday golf is a shotgun start, and groups are drawn by the Head Pro.

April and October, golf play begins at 10 a.m.

May and September, golf starts at 9 a.m.

June, July, August, golf starts at 8:30 a.m.

Golfers need to sign in a minimum of 30 minutes before shotgun start time. Sign in by drawing your “chit” (with your name) from the display board and depositing it in the appropriate box (9 holes or 18 holes by handicap) below the board. The board is in the Golf Shop. If you are running late, please call the Golf Shop (898-2560 ext. 1) so you are included in the draw for Tuesday play.

 THURSDAY: Golf is scheduled by tee times. You must sign up in the ladies lounge.

April and October tee times begin at 9:15 a.m.

May through September tee times begin at 8:15 a.m.

You may put together your own foursome or sign up in any empty space as a single. If you need to cancel or run late, please call the Golf Shop to be removed from the sign-up list or moved to a later tee time.

NOTE: Sometimes the regular schedule changes due to special events. For current information, please check the bulletin board and watch for email blasts.

Choosing Divisions

The Ladies Club divisions are:

  • 18-hole Green Tees
  • 18-hole Gold Tees
  • 9-hole Gold Tees

During regular Tuesday/Thursday play, members may choose to play in any division, even if it does not match their “chosen” seasonal division. However, scores will count for ECCIE (see ECCIE) only when members play in their chosen division. Members can join the daily competition (see competition fees tab) when they play in their chosen division OR when they play in a more difficult division. (For example, a 9-hole gold member may join the daily competition if she plays instead in the 18-hole gold division. An 18-hole gold player cannot join the daily competition if she plays that day in the 9-hole gold division.)

During tournament play, members generally will compete in the division chosen at the beginning of the season. (As in daily competition, members can choose to play in a more difficult division, but not a less difficult one.)  An exception is for tournaments, such as First Mates that requires a specific tee box.

NEW procedure for 2020 season! Prior to the start of play for each season, ALL members must designate the division in which they wish to play during that season, even if that choice is to continue to play in the same division as the prior season. Members may submit their division choice, along with their name, email address and phone number, at any time after paying their yearly dues, but the information MUST be submitted no later than the end of March. Complete the information on a 3×5 card, available at the Golf Shop, and drop it off at the Golf Shop.

Competition Fees

Ladies Club members may participate in optional competitions during Tuesday and Thursday  golf games. All entry fees are returned as winnings to the participants. There are three optional competitions:

  • Best net score for 9 holers and 18 holers
  • Chip in
  • KP (closest to the pin)

To complete in Best net, pay the entry fee ($2 for 18 holers, $1 for 9 holers) to the Golf Shop prior to the start of play.

To join the “chip-in” competition, put 25 cents in the bucket on the counter and sign your name on the sheet. To win the pot, “chip in” from off the green on any hole,  circle the hole on your scorecard, and circle your name on the sign-up sheet.

To join the “KP” competition, put $1 in the KP bucket on the counter and sign your name on the sheet. On either Hole #12 or #16, there will be a KP marker for measuring and recording closest to the pin. Your tee shot must be on the green to qualify.

On Tuesdays, after signing up in the Golf Shop (and paying any competition fees), wait in the restaurant for the pairing of players. On Thursdays, proceed to the tee with your group.

Score Cards

Each Ladies Club golf group will select one individual to keep the score card and turn it in after the round. We strongly recommend another member of the group keep a second score card for double-checking. If you question the number of strokes you have taken, confer with a playing partner.

To ensure all scores are recorded, please be sure the card is legible and includes:

  • Last and first names in alphabetical order
  • The tee box (green or gold) is circled and
  • The card is signed, attested, and dated.

During the Ladies Club season for games played on Ladies Club days the Golf Shop will post the scores, as they will for tournament play. For questions, please contact the Head Pro.

Eclectic (ECCIE)

Eclectic, or “ECCIE”, is a manner of scoring. Each year, a player tries to better her score on each hole. “Eccies” are kept electronically during the season. Your first 18 or 9 holes are recorded; then the eclectic chair checks all your Ladies Club golf event rounds and replaces scores hole by hole as you improve your game. Two dollars of your annual dues is divided among winners at the end of the season. For further information, or questions contact the ECCIE chairperson, Karen Dobson.


Clothing must be appropriate, clean and in good repair.

Blouses, shirts, knit tops (sleeveless tops must have collars), sweaters and sweatshirts, tailored pants or slacks (denim ok in winter), and shorts, skorts and skirts at least mid-thigh or longer are approved.

 Prohibited: Fleece or sweatpants, swimwear, tattered or ripped jeans, cut-offs, tennis shorts, tank tops, bare midriffs, sun tops, halter tops, and any clothing with vulgar, offensive or inappropriate words or pictures.


Check the Ladies Club guidelines (online and posted on the Bulletin Board) or speak with the Handicap Chairperson or Head Pro for more information about establishing your handicap. The Golf Shop posts golf scores from Ladies Club play between March 1 and November 14. Individuals must post their own scores when playing outside of Ladies Club events.

Rules & Ettiquette

Ladies Club members are not expected know every rule of golf but should became familiar with basic rules by reading articles online, talking to more experienced members, asking questions of the professional staff and attending clinics or meetings where the rules of golf are the subject. Here is a link to the FULL SET OF RULES.

Golf etiquette refers to a set of rules and practices designed to make the game of golf safer and more enjoyable for golfers and to minimize possible damage to golf equipment and courses. Although many of these practices are not part of the formal rules of golf, golfers are customarily expected to observe them. As with golf rules, talking to experienced players or the professional staff is a good way to learn about etiquette. A few of the more common practices relate to the pace of play and to maintaining the golf course.

  1. “Ready Golf!” Keep the game moving. Be ready to play when it is your turn. If one member of the group is, for example, occupied raking a sand trap, others in the group may play out turn to speed play. Take the clubs you need and a sand bottle to the ball on “cart path only” holes or days. Proceed to the next hole before writing down scores.
  2. Maintain the course:
  • Replace divots.
  • Repair ball marks.
  • Rake traps. Place the rake just inside the bunker.


Games Golfers Play


Useful Links

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Games Golfers Play

Alderbrook Men’s and Ladies Club Formats

Note: In all formats, strokes will fall on the holes according to each player’s handicap

  • 1-2-3 Best Ball: Teams of four players, scores one net ball on holes 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16; two net balls on holes 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17; and three net balls on holes 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18.
  • 3’s – 4’s – 5’s: After all groups have teed off, the golf shop will select two par-3’s, five par-4’s and 2 par-5’s to be used for scoring. 9-Holers will have one par-3, one par-5 and 3 par-4’s chosen.
  • 3-Clubs and a Putter: Pick three clubs and play the entire round only using those clubs, and your putter.
  • Front or Back Nine: After all groups have teed off, the golf shop will flip a coin to choose whether scoring will be used from the back-9 or the front-9. 9-holers will be playing medal play for the back-9.
  • Blind Holes: After all players have teed off, the golf shop will draw 9-holes to be used for scoring. 9-Holers will have 5 holes chosen.
  • Blind Partner: This is a 2-Person Best Ball format where teams are selected after all players have teed off. Players will not know their partner until they turn in their scorecards after the round.
  • Bridgeman Best Ball: Teams of three or four will play a best ball format where one net ball is counted on holes #1-6, two best balls on holes #7-12 and three best balls on holes #13-18.
  • Chapman: This is a 2-person format where each player tees off, then the players switch balls and hit their partner’s ball. After the 2nd shots are hit, teams will then select which ball they want to continue play with and will play the remainder of that hole alternating shots. The keep is that players will never hit the same ball twice in a row. Penalty strokes will not alter the order of play. Team handicaps will be computed using 40% of the higher handicapper’s course handicap and 60% of the lower handicapper’s course handicap.
  • Combined Score of Partners: This is a 2-person format where both player’s net score will be added together to create a team score on each hole.
  • Drop 3 (also Drop 4 or Drop 5): Each player plays the entire round and at the end of the round their worst 3 (or 4 or 5), in relation to par, will be reduced to net pars.
  • Eclectic (ongoing): Over a pre-determined number of rounds, scores for each player will be created using their best scores on each hole. The best scores are then added together to create their final score.

    Flag Day: Each player had a target score, which is created by adding the player’s course handicap to par (72 for 18-holers & 36 for 9-holers). After you hit your target score you will plant your flag at the spot where your ball comes to rest. If your final shot lands out of the fairway, you will plant your flag in the fairway equal distant to where that ball was. If your final score goes out of bounds you will place your flag at the point where you hit that shot. If you haven’t reached your target score by the time you hole out on #18, you will continue on to hole #1 and plant your flag once you’ve reached your target score.

  • Hidden Holes: After all players have teed off, the golf shop will draw one hole from each nine and that score will be subtracted from your total score.
  • Least Putts: Count only the number of putts during your round. Putts are considered strokes that are made from the putting green only. Strokes using your putter from off of the green do not count.
  • Match vs Par: Players are competing against Old Man Par, matching their net score against par on each hole. Scoring is +1 for each hole you beat par, 0 for holes you tie par and -1 for holes you lose to par. Your combined total will be your final score.
  • Modified Waltz: Teams of four players will use one best ball on the par-5’s, two best balls on the par-4’s and three best balls on the par-3’s.
  • Monthly Medalist: Each month there will be one winner from each division (18-Gold, 18-Green & 9-Gold), with players playing medal play, will be eligible to compete in the end of the season Monthly Medalist Playoff.
  • Most Pars: Each player plays their full round and scoring +1 for a net par or better and 0 points for any holes that are over a net par.
  • Mutt & Jeff: Scores are only used on the Par-4’s and Par-5’s.
  • No Alibi: Instead of deducting handicaps, players will receive a mulligan for ¾ of their course handicap. Any replayed shots MUST be used, even if it is worse than the original shot. Scores from this format cannot be posted for handicap purposes.
  • Odd or Even: After players have teed off, the golf shop will flip a coin to choose whether odd or even holes will be scored.
  • N.E.S.: Use only holes that begin with the letters O, N, E or S.
  • POINTS: This is a Stableford Scored format. Points are earned on each hole with the following system: Double Bogey or worse is 0 points, Bogey is 1 point, Par is 2 points, Birdie is 3 points and Eagle or better is 4 points.
  • Scotch Doubles: Two Person teams. Each player tees off on the 1st hole, the team then selects the ball they wish to continue with and play alternate shot for the rest of the round. If player A holes out, then player B will tee off on the next hole. Team handicaps will be 50% of each players course handicap.
  •  Scramble (No-Follow): All players tee off. The team then selects the drive and plays the second shot from that spot. If your drive was selected, you are not allowed to hit the second shot. The same ‘No Follow’ rule applies until the team is on the putting green. Once on the putting green all players are allowed to putt. Each player is required to use one drive per 9-holes.
  • Best Nine: Players will drop their worst 9 holes in relation to par. 9-Holers will drop their worst 5 holes.
  • String Tournament: Each player will receive a string that is measured out based on their course handicap. Each stroke of handicap will equal one foot of string. The player may move their ball, at any time, using whatever string they have left. This includes on the putting green and into the hole. When a player moves the ball, they must cut off that much of their string, and can do this until their string has been used up. Moving your ball with the string does not count as a stroke.
  • T’s & F’s: Scores from only the holes that begin with the letter ‘T’ or ‘F’ will be counted.
  • Tee to Green: Players will count only their shots that are used to get their ball onto the putting green. Strokes made from the putting green will not count toward their score. Handicaps will be adjusted to 75% of the player’s course handicap.



Ladies Club Tournaments

Captain’s Cup:  Starting in early June, the Captain’s Cup Tournament gives participants the opportunity to test their golf skills as they play in a hole-by-hole, match play format, either 9-hole or 18-hole.  The winner of each round advances, with the winner of the final round being awarded the Captain’s Cup title.  Progress is posted on the Ladies Club bulletin board.

Club Championship Tournament:   Held August 17th & 19th, the Ladies Club Championship Tournament is a stroke play event.  Our 9-hole and 18-hole Club Champions are honored as the low gross of the field; we also honor our low net champions as well.  Divisional gross and net scores are recognized too.  A fun luncheon is held to celebrate on the final day of the event.

First Annual Member-Member Tournament: This 27 hole tournament will be played with a member partner June 23 and 24. Choose someone within 8 strokes of your handicap. Together you will play from the gold tees a 9 hole scramble, a 9 hole Chapman the first day and 9 hole Best Ball on the back side the second day. The winning team from the 4 flights will have a play off on the 18th hole while the others cheer them on. Food, drinks and prizes will fuel the fun!

First Mates Tournament:   The biggest Ladies Club tournament of the year, The First Mates Tournament is July 8th.  It is a fundraiser for a local organization selected by the Committee. The format is an 18-hole, two lady best ball, and is open to outside players.  The handicap spread between partners must be 10 points or less.  Sign up for the 4-Hole Horserace played the day before, and enjoy a no-host dinner at the Club House that evening.  There is always great golf attire based on this year’s theme, Fairway Flappers.  Get your partner and plan early as this tournament fills up quickly.

Flag Day:   Flag Day is held on June 17th, the Thursday closest to Flag Day.  Each Ladies Club golfer receives a flag with her name, handicap, and the total number of strokes she is allowed (handicap plus par).  When a player uses up her total number of strokes, she “plants” her flag where the ball lands on that last stroke.  It’s a fun game (not really a tournament) in good weather!

Men vs Ladies Play Day, “Reach to Give”:   In mid-September, the Men vs Ladies Play Day is hosted by the Ladies and Men’s Club.  It’s your choice whether to be paired with your significant other, or not!  The format is usually some type of best ball and match play. Dinner for players (and non-golfing partners) is served after golf.  Then an exciting auction of community made and donated desserts follows, raising funds for the Karen Hilburn Breast and Cervical Cancer Fund (supporting uninsured and under-insured women in Mason County).  It is an amazing display of tempting culinary delights.  Bring extra “dough” for the auction!

Nine Hole Tri-Mixer Invitational:   This has been a special tradition for many years!  The 9-hole Ladies Clubs at Alderbrook, Lake Cushman and Lake Limerick rotate a tournament each year between the three courses.  This year Alderbrook hosts the tournament August 3rd. The event includes a morning beverage, golf, lunch, prizes, and good times golfing and meeting new people.  Space is limited.

Rhododendron Tournament:   The Rhododendron Tournament is a two day, 3-Lady, best ball format, held the end of May.  Lunch is served after golf, and winners announced after lunch.  Winners in all flights receive rhododendrons!

Rodia Memorial Tournament:  The Rodia Memorial Tournament is named after Frank Rodia, a California Golf Pro who moved to Hood Canal.  The big tree on the left side of the 10th fairway is named after him.  Frank became involved with Alderbrook in 1976, and was a great supporter of Junior Golf and of the Ladies Club.  He encouraged women to keep trying, even when they had a high score.  He was known for saying “The next day’s play will be much better.”  Thus began the Frank Rodia Tournament.  Frank funded the tournament until his death, and his wife continued to fund it for several years more.  It is at this time we also remember Ladies Club members who are no longer with us.  Held in late July, it is a two day eclectic competition, using your best net and/or gross score (as specified) of the two rounds for each hole.  A patio pot-luck luncheon is held on the last day of the event.

Turkey Shoot: Help support a turkey dinner for families in need at the Hood Canal School by entering the Turkey Shoot on October 12th. Your donations will purchase the food for the dinner prepared by the New Community Church of Union.

Snow Queen:  Starting in November and running through February, the purpose of this tournament is to encourage play over the winter for those ladies who spend their winters at Alderbrook.  The four best net scores are added together to determine the winner.  Score cards are turned in to the Golf Shop for record keeping.  It only costs $10 to enter. Learn how colder weather and temperature affects your game!

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