Chair: Eileen Baumgardner

Nominating Committee In accordance with the current Bylaws, the Nominating Committee will be formed annually to seek out and present candidates for the Board. The President of the Board will appoint the members of this Committee, including the Chair, with the advice and consent of the Board members.

The committee will be formed approximately five months prior to the annual meeting and will be active only until the election of the new Board members.

The duties of this committee include the following:

  1. Communicate with all AGYC members, encouraging any member in good standing who wishes to run for one of the open Board positions to submit their name for inclusion on the ballot.
  2. Meet to determine a list of potential candidates, other than those who have voluntarily submitted their names. They will contact them to determine their interest in serving on the Board.
  3. Any members who wish to run may have their names added to the roster by contacting the committee at least 75 days before the annual meeting. After such time, names will be added only if the potential candidate submits a petition signed by at least 5% of the total votes, to the committee at least 45 days before the annual meeting.
  4. Obtain personal biographies on each candidate. These biographies will be printed and distributed to the entire membership with the ballots prior to the annual meeting.
  5. Present the list of candidates to the Business Office at least 50 days prior to the annual meeting, for inclusion on the ballot. 6. Organize a “Meet the Candidates” meeting at least 3 weeks prior to the annual meeting. Publicize the meeting and encourage all members to attend.

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