Roads & Drainage


Chair: Dan Wesley and Ken Goldblatt

Board Liaison – Jim Winchell

The AGYC goal is to: Maintain all AGYC-owned roadways in good order and free from hazards. This includes, but is not limited to, hazard repairs, snow and debris removal, road sweeping and elimination of the-road obstructions, striping, drainage and other conditions that affect the overall status of all roadways and adjacent right-of-ways. • Provide road signage within AGYC that conforms to Federal and state standards established by the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

The Committee will:

  •  Provide recommendations for maintenance of
  • Roads and right-of-ways,
  • Road signage, striping and lighting,
  • Drainage and culvert requirements.
  • Pruning and clearing to permit good vision at intersections and curves,
  • Driveway access across right-of-ways.
  • Provide the GM with projected project schedules, pending Board approval.
  • Make recommendations to the Board for winter projects for the Maintenance Department.
  • Confirm to the B&A Committee that drainage plans include culverts on the right-of-way, consistent with the Construction Guidelines. Any drainage to the golf course or other AGYC common property, except road right-of-ways, must include a Drainage Easement (Appendix E).
  • Confirm to the B&A Committee that driveway plans are consistent with the Construction Guidelines.

This Committee consists of at least four members plus a Chair. They meet as necessary to accomplish the above.

Study Documents

    Final Roadways Report

    2019 Road & Drainage Update 

    Included with the approved 2019/20 annual budget is a special assessment for the Road & Drainage reserve projects.  These funds will be collected over a five year period and are earmarked specifically to perform the improvements to the drainage system and to update the roads in accordance with the 2016 Road & Drainage Study, over a phased approach as forecast in the November 2018 Reserve Study.  Initial projects will commence in the 2019/20 fiscal year.