Tree Removal Committee

Chair: Rod Heidemann

Board Liaison: Curt Creswell


5.7 Tree Policy As stated in our Covenants, AGYC embraces a tree policy that will strive to preserve as much view as possible, while at the same time removing as few trees as possible. No trees greater than 5” in diameter may be removed from any property without appropriate documentation and approval. Owners are responsible for removing all debris following tree removal, within 30 days. AGYC will be held harmless from any problems which may occur as a result of this policy. Anyone causing damage to AGYC property will be held responsible for repairing the damage. A. Tree Committee 1. Removal of trees – Owners of existing homes or lots, not involved with construction activities, will submit requests to the Tree Committee before removing any trees over 5” in diameter. Factors that will be taken into consideration include proximity of trees to a dwelling, health of trees, safety concerns, and view restrictions. 2. Unsafe or Menace – Trees that are declared by a qualified forester to be unsafe or a menace to life or property must be removed by the owner, at his expense. Notification of such removal must be submitted to the Tree Committee. B. Building & Architectural Committee 1. Construction – Lot owners may remove from their lot, any vegetation necessary to conduct perk tests or provide accessibility. If tree removal is required for construction activities, owners will submit plans to the B&A Committee. The request must receive Board approval before implementation. 2. Views – Owners, whose views are unreasonably obstructed by neighbors’ trees, should contact the tree owner to discuss removal or topping of such trees. If the owner agrees, the request for the desired action must be submitted to the B&A Committee. If the owner does AGYC Policies & Procedures, December 2018 Page 25 not agree, the B&A Committee may require that the tree be removed or topped at the expense of the resident requesting this removal or topping.

Tree Removal Request Form