Welcoming Committee

Chair: Nancy Stutzman

Board Liaison – Pete Wall

The purpose of the Committee is to identify, greet, and orient new AGYC members to our Alderbrook community.

AGYC Policies & Procedures, September 2020 Page 40

The Committee will:

  1. Work with the GM and his staff to identify new property owners.
  2. Send a letter of welcome signed by Welcoming committee chair.
  3. Contact the member and facilitate an introduction.
  4. Provide the new member with an Alderbrook Directory and list of local utilities and emergency contact numbers, and access information for our governing documents.
  5. Provide the new member with information on the key personnel, including the General Manager, Board and office staff.
  6. Offer the member a tour of our facilities, including Clubhouse, Annex, Pointe and Wickiup.
  7. Provide the new member with information about the groups we offer, including Men’s and Ladies Clubs, Yacht Club, card players, etc.
  8. Offer to act as a contact point should they have questions about the community.
  9. Annually, a Welcoming reception will be held for those new to our area.

The Welcoming Committee is composed of at least three members plus a Chair and meets monthly on the second Friday.